TravelCMS Tour Search Engine

This is the ideal product for you travel business if you already have a website you’re happy with.
We simply add the tour search engine and you start the marketing.
Set your travel business apart from the pack by offering easy online access to tours, small ship cruises and rail journeys.
Did you know that multi-day touring is one of the most profitable travel products and fastest growing sector in travel? Take advantage of this growing sector in travel by integrating a custom built, low cost and easy to implement website with inbuilt search engine.
Choosing and booking a tour or cruise leads to other travel product purchases, this makes the search engine an ideal lead generation and upselling tool.

TravelCMS Tour Search Engine is for?

TravelCMS is for
  • travel businesses that have a web site and want to use it more effectively to engage their client base
  • travel businesses who want to target their client base with specific touring and small ship cruise products
  • travel businesses that want to provide up to date content for their clients without referring them to supplier websites

Direct benefits to your business

Your clients can do their own research on your website when it suits them and email their enquiry directly to you. This means most of the research is done by the time the enquiry comes through to you, saving you hours and days in the consulting process.
  • Your website is available to customers 24/7 with live, up to date content such as departures and pricing (including supplier discounts)
  • The content and enquiries link back to you, not to a supplier’s website

Now for the techy part

  • It’s easy and quick to setup, plus we support you all the way. We assist with the initial setup guiding you through the process and incorporating TravelCMS to your existing website
  • We do the tech and manage the content, all you need to do is market to you customers

Key features of TravelCMS Tour Search Engine

  • Effortless integration, we’re your web designer and developer
  • TraveCMS empowers you to easily create marketing campaigns to promote thousands of itineraries from a wide range of suppliers. You don't need any coding or design skills, allowing you to focus on what you do best – selling travel
  • TraveCMS allows you to tailor your online presence to reflect your unique brand. The system offers full customisation options, allowing you to showcase content and brand identity in a way that stands out

Key benefits of TravelCMS

Instant Connectivity
Enjoy instant connectivity to over 10,000 touring itineraries from a diverse selection of over 50 renowned travel brands. Any updates or additional itineraries are available to you from the moment they go live.
Time and Cost Efficiency
By eliminating the need for coding and formatting conten combined with a user-friendly interface, TravelCMS saves you time and resources. This efficiency allows you to focus on delivering exceptional service to your clients.
Enhanced User Experience
The user-friendly design of a TravelCMS Tour Search Engine ensures a smooth and enjoyable experience for your web visitors. This positive user experience can contribute to increased engagement, customer satisfaction and referrals.
Stay Competitive in the Market
Gone are the days of sending your clients to suppliers’ websites, hoping they will return to you to book that trip. TravelCMS has all the necessary information, from day by day itineraries to inclusions, up to date departure dates and pricing (including supplier discounts). The link you can send from TravelCMS directs back to your website, so your customers stay your customers.
Robust Support
Our system comes with comprehensive support. Any problem you may encounter is dealt with swiftly and effectively, so you can continue to focus on your day-to-day business.
E-Commerce Enabled
Our system is equipped with e-commerce capabilities, providing a seamless enquiry and booking experience for your clients. It provides a convenient and efficient way for travellers to explore and reserve their dream holiday with you.

TravelCMS Pricing

At Tour Atlas, the mastermind behind TravelCMS, we strive to be open and transparent around pricing. It's important to us that you as a business owner understand the costs, so there are no surprises. All pricing is inclusive of GST.


$45/month for the first 12 months. $79/month after the first year.

  • Tour search by destination and tour brand
  • Tour detail page
  • Tour itinerary, departures and maps
  • Favourites panel
  • Promotion system
  • Marketing link generator
  • Enquiry emails sent to one designated email address
  • Includes Tour Atlas registration for your agency
  • Tech support via email and phone
  • Plus further exciting additional features, contact us for more information

Optional extras

Site setup
(includes 2 hours of site styling, headers and footers creation)
Payment gateway setup fee
(Supports Mint and Travel Pay)
Payments go directly into your account, we do not charge for payment processing.
Design and consulting service
(Changes or additions outside of the site setup)
WordPress Plugs - Search panel
(Integrate TravelCMS into your WordPress website)
$0 - Free forever
JavaScript Library - Search panel
(Integrate TravelCMS into any website)
$0 - Free forever