Effortlessly create your customer friendly travel website with TravelCMS

No coding, no hassle, fully customisable travel platform, with instant connectivity to over 10,000 tour and river cruise itineraries and over 50 brands.

Set your travel business apart from the pack by offering easy online access to tours, small ship cruises and rail journeys.
Did you know that multi-day touring is one of the most profitable travel products and fastest growing sector in travel? Take advantage of this growing sector in travel by integrating a custom built, low cost and easy to implement website with inbuilt search engine.
Choosing and booking a tour or cruise leads to other travel product purchases, this makes the search engine an ideal lead generation and upselling tool.

Why choose TravelCMS for your business?

Easy to implement

  • Add to your existing website in minutes.
  • No tech hassles.
  • No website, no problem. With TravelCMS you can easily create your own website.
  • We help with the setup and styling.

Largest range of products

Through Travel CMS you have access to:
  • Over 10,000 tour and river cruise Itineraries.
  • Over 50 brands.
  • All the major brands plus many niche and boutique operators.
  • Land tours, river cruising and small ship cruises.

Flexible and highly customisable

  • Over 150 configuration options.
  • Choose your brands, add your own suppliers and your own tours.
  • Unlimited landing and content pages.
  • Customisable headers and footers including menus, tabs and free text to assist with your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).
  • Built-in promotional features.
  • Powerful content generator for EDMs, social media posts and social sharing.

Transparent pricing

  • One fixed monthly subscription pricing.
  • First year discount of 43%.
  • No commission fee for any sale.
  • You keep 100% commission on every booking.

Low maintenance

  • You create the buzz, we look after the content and product accessibility.
  • Say goodbye to copy and pasting tour information for your website and socials, we’ve got it covered.

See TravelCMS in action

TravelCMS Pricing

At Tour Atlas, the mastermind behind TravelCMS, we strive to be open and transparent around pricing. It's important to us that you as a business owner understand the costs, so there are no surprises. All pricing is inclusive of GST.


$45/month for the first 12 months. $79/month after the first year.

  • Tour search by destination and tour brand
  • Tour detail page
  • Tour itinerary, departures and maps
  • Favourites panel
  • Promotion system
  • Marketing link generator
  • Enquiry emails sent to one designated email address
  • Includes Tour Atlas registration for your agency
  • Tech support via email and phone
  • Plus further exciting additional features, contact us for more information

Optional extras

Site setup
(includes 2 hours of site styling, headers and footers creation)
Payment gateway setup fee
(Supports Mint and Travel Pay)
Payments go directly into your account, we do not charge for payment processing.
Design and consulting service
(Changes or additions outside of the site setup)
WordPress Plugs - Search panel
(Integrate TravelCMS into your WordPress website)
$0 - Free forever
JavaScript Library - Search panel
(Integrate TravelCMS into any website)
$0 - Free forever